The Gotrack system can run an existing tractor and various implements unmanned on GPS. Once it must be performed and the next times it will be repeated exactly by the system. The route can be played at different speeds, RPM, etc. than what was originally occurred.



The eTrac is a fully electrically powered, unmanned, light horticultural tractor that has been developed for electric mowing, hoeing and precision spraying in fruit cultivation. During regular mowing and hoeing, we want to make 3D images of the orchard with four 3D sensors. This sensor data will be processed and analyzed in real time for tree-level management and for creating task maps so that each tree can be treated with great precision afterwards.




M-CONNECT is an online harvest registration system - an important link for precision fruit cultivation - in which the harvest (number of fruits and size per fruit) at tree and box level is recorded in big data by means of a smart sensor & algorithm on the Pluk-O-Trak with GPS. .

M-CONNECT is connected to Agromanager in the cloud and provides the fruit grower with exact harvest information at tree level and direct knowledge about the content and value per box (measurement distribution). In addition, M-CONNECT provides management information such as the picking performance of the employees, hour administration of the employees and an online fruit box administration (track & trace, for example by means of tags on the boxes).

With this system, the fruit grower gains insight into the yield per tree and he has a real-time overview of what he has in stock in his cold store. Ultimately, there is added value for the entire chain, from production to trade.


Berry Monitor


The Berry Monitor is a weekly monitor that provides insight into the range and presentation of all berry products in retail stores of all major supermarkets in Europe. With this we bring all distribution lines and pricing methods on the market for all stakeholders in the chain.

All information is collected through Crowdsourcing. This means that we use a platform of consumers who collect the information from the shop floor by means of questionnaires and photos.


Substraatweegschaalirrigatiestartsysteem op zonnepanelen


Substrate scale irrigation start system on solar panels. The watering in pot cultivation is determined by determining the drain weight and the desired 24-hour drain.


H.S.S. Fruit AgBot 3x2


This technovation is a cooperation between 2 Dutch companies, AgXeed and Hol Spraying Systems. AgXeed is developing and producing the AgXeed AgBot in 2 versions:

  • A wide version with crawler undercarriage and a capacity of 155 kW
  • A small version with three wheels and e capacity of 55 kW.
    The innovation in the machine is the hybrid drive for driving and for the implements, a 4-cylinder diesel engine drives a generator. This generator generates 700 volts and is the power source for the motors. Each wheel has its own driving motor.

H.S.S. develops and produces orchard sprayers, GPS systems and several other machines which are being used in the fruit growing sector. An Fruit AgBot alone can’t perform work, tools are required for this. At this point, AgXeed and H.S.S. found each other and set up a plan together to enable automation for the fruit growing sector.
AgXeed will develop and manufacture the base, the AgBot 3x2. H.S.S. will develop and manufacture some of the tools necessary for the fruit grower. H.S.S will also sell, commission and maintain this AgBot including the tools. H.S.S. is the contact for the fruit growing sector for this autonomous solution. We at H.S.S. look at it as a complete system and therefore offer a total solution.




OneThird has an optical scanner and algorithms that can predict the remaining shelf life of fruit in real-time, non-destructively. If desired, the data can be shared in real-time between growers, distributors and retailers to enable smart decisions in the chain.




Cloud application to determine a plot-specific optimal picking time of apple and pear on the tree. This includes a portable spectrophotometer, an algorithm to calculate the optimal picking time from this, and an app to make this information available to the grower online.


Agromanager Spraycontroller


With the Agromanager spray controller you can spray an orchard plate specifically at tree level. At tree level, it is possible to determine which spraying takes place. Measured values can be fed back to Agromanager by means of sensors, in order to make a task map of this again in the future.




It collates spectral color data of varying fruits and vegetables to create a data set. Then, it trains an artificial neural network (ANN) model with this data set to predict ripening stages of different fruits and vegetables.



Pixofarm is a digital solution, which empowers fruit producers worldwide to optimize their harvest, use resources efficiently and get the most out of their orchards by providing reliable yield monitoring and forecast data.

Pixofarm empowers apple producers to optimize their harvest by providing accurate yield monitoring and estimation, produced from fruit and tree data collected with pictures.



"insolagrin" is the most advanced agrivoltaic solution, an agronomic tool to optimize agricultural yield. We combine novel translucent photovoltaic module that can adapt to crop light requirements, seamless integration into venlo-glasshouses, and piloting algorithms to maximize crops and electricity production. It enables new revenue streams for solar developers as well as lower cost to the farmers thanks to the dual use of the agrivoltaic structure.



AgroWizard enables growers to do magic with data! With the help of our innovative hardware products, various software applications (“measurement apps”) and our online data platform, we offer growers the opportunity to take the next step in precision farming, and aim to transfer these technologies onto other AgTech markets. Our first measurement app/technovation is a fully automatic tree stem thickness gauge that measures trunk thickness and trunk circumference for fruit tree nurseries and avenue tree nurseries, using computer vision and machine learning technologies via our own hardware solutions (camera module and communication module).

BayWa FruitTravers


Our innovation is a completely new substructure for hail nets and for the future also for foils. It is made out of steel and thereby particurlaly stable and durable in comparison to wood or concrete.

Ripe Robotics autonomous Fruit picking Robot


We have developed a robot that is capable of picking fruit autonomously. We are currently on our third version of the prototype and it can pick apples, oranges and will be testing on stonefruit. It helps farmers overcome labour shortages and improves the quality of fruit picked with our unique innovations.



Weather station as a service: for €195 per year, a grower can subscribe and view 5 measuring points in the AgroExact weather network. Is there no measuring point within 2 km? Then we place an extra one at the grower free of charge. AgroExact manages the network and thus unburdens the grower. We continuously check the data in the background and carry out maintenance free of charge if necessary. In addition, extra soil moisture and crop stations can be purchased for optimal irrigation or to measure the climate in the orchard. Everything can be viewed in 1 app.