When an employee and employer are able to have conversations, ask questions and understand what the other means, employees with a different first language are able to work better and more pleasantly at your company. Do you want to invest in the development of employees with a different first language? A good start is being able to speak, read, listen and write in Dutch, for which we’ve designed this Dutch course for non-natives. It will start at the Fruit Tech Campus in January. The complete course over twenty sessions meets all the estabished standards, and is aimed at those working in and with fruit.

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20 sessions

Start of course: May 2023

Monday evening (dates to be announced) 17:30 to 20:00

Oudenhof 40, Geldermalsen

€250 (other costs are subsidised)

Dutch (possibility for participants to carry out assignments in their own language)

How can you make yourself understood as a non-native speaker of Dutch at a Dutch fruit company, and what’s the best way to approach work instructions if you don’t speak the language sufficiently? If you need something, how do you ask for it? These kinds of common questions for those working in fruit companies are dealt with during the Dutch for the Fruit Sector course for non-native speakers. Intake interviews for the first edition of the course will be held from December. Employers can register their employees with a different first language.



Participants learn to receive and understand work instructions, and to understand safety instructions and hygiene instructions. In addition, it’s important that non-native speakers can make themselves understood in simple Dutch in terms of working hours, breaks, and employment. Asking questions about work instructions is also discussed in detail. The entire course will focus on technical terms and the language used in the fruit sector and its various associated processes, such as cultivation, sorting, packaging, cooling and storage.


For more information about the course, please contact Lisanne van Haarlem at [email protected].

The Course 'Dutch for the Fruit Sector' for non-native speakers is a collaboration between ROC Rivor and the Fruit Tech Campus.